Have a problem with a customer, report it!

We have received many compliants on our COVID-19 Hotline like customers getting too close for comfort, customers throwing their disposable gloves on the floor, stores not being clean, plexigla not being placed properly or not at all, facemasks shortage, but a customer spitting all over was a disturbing report.  The member reported the incident to the store manager, who in turn asked the member to "take care of it".    Our team that meets everyday at 3 pm with Tops Operations and Human Resource Staff addressed the issue.    We speak on a regular basis with the management of all of our employers when problems are reported.  The manager's response in this case was wrong, and was corrected.  If you feel unsafe (no matter where you work), you must take precautions and immediately call for help, and when dire safety issues happen DIAL 911!  


Our members called the COVID-19 hotline with concerns that shoppers were getting to close while members  were working in the aisles. We contacted our grocery employers and asked for 1-way aisles so that workers and customers could practice social distancing to a greater extend. So far Shop and Save has implemented 1 -way aisles and Tops began a pilot project in several stores . Thanks to our UFCW members that called the COVID hotline with this great idea! If you have safety concerns at work, please call the hotline and let us know!

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If you feel unsafe, report it.  Call the hoteline or call your union representative.  We will adress the issue whether it be at a store, nursing home, food processor or hospital.