Tops Buffalo, Midstate and OBW Contracts Ratifies


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Vote Count Tops Ratification (Mail in Ballot) May 21, 2020

Buffalo Contract
Number Approving Contract  1446                      
Number Rejecting Contract   414
Number Abstaining/Void Ballots 3
Ballots counted and attested by:  Linda Scibetta, Don Bucheker, David Ulatowski, Rebecca Valvo, Jamie Morley, William Littere, Marc Grecco and Donna Munch

Midstate Contract
Number Approving Contract  633                 
Number Rejecting Contract    232
Number Abstaining/Void Ballots 2
Ballots counted and attested by:  Leigh Ernst, Jackie Aarne, Maribeth W. Druse and Michelle Maloney.

OWB Contract
Number Approving Contract  66                 
Number Rejecting Contract  48
Number Abstaining/Void Ballots  0
Ballots counted and attested by:  Lisa Bailey and Richard Splawski





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