Life Insurance

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For any questions regarding Life Insurance or to submit a claim, please contact:

Jenna Mosca, 1-800-959-9497 ~Ext. 2252

FAX:  315-797-9664


Beneficiary Change Form (Active Members Only)

It’s very important that the Fund Office have up to date beneficiary information.   For current members who work full-time or part-time, you MUST fill out a UFCW Enrollment Application to update your beneficiary.  You can request a application by calling 1-800-959-9497, Ext. 2252to request an enrollment application.

Beneficiary Change Form (Retiree’s & Waiver of Disability Only)

If you are a Retiree or on Waiver of Disability and would like to update your Beneficiary(s) please click on the link below and follow instructions on form.

Total Disability 

If you left employment do to an illness and have been awarded Social Security Disability, please click on the link below to see if you may qualify for Life Insurance.

METLIFE Grief Counseling

Professional and Confidental support 24/7 during life’s difficult times.   Please click on the link below for more information.

FREE Will Preparation

As an added benefit with your group Life Insurance plan, you have access to metLife’s online will preparation services provided by SmartLegalForms to creat a binding will, living will or assign a power of attorney.    Please click the link below for more information.