Local One News and Updates

Local One Pickets Sander's Parkview Supermarket

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Eric Glathar, Secretary-Treasurer of UFCW Local One speaks to the Media
regarding the Labor Dispute at the Sander's Parkview Supermaket.  
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Memorial Scholarships Awarded to Three Students

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It's Not Too Late to Apply for Local One's Other Scholarship Program...

Walmart Black Friday Events and Rallies United States

Local One Holds Rallies Across Upstate New York

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Cicero Walmart Super Center

Winner of the 42" Vizio Tv is...

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BOB CIABURRI, from Tops #336 in Skaneateles...
Congratulations Bob!

Tops Contract Overwhelmingly Ratified

Agreement Increases Funding to Pension Plan, Provides Affordable Health Care Benefits and Hourly Wage Increases.

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Members in Buffalo with President Frank DeRiso (standing) reviewing the details of the
new-three year agreement.

739 Scholarships Worth almost $900,000.00 Awarded

Students Across two States Benefit from Scholarship Program!

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Paula Wilson (Tops), Mike Patti (Tops), Lauren Ganzenmuller (4-Year Winner)
and Frank DeRiso (Local One President), at the Buffalo Breakfast

Local One Leads the Fight for $10.10 Minimum Wage

Rally Held in Albany

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UFCW Local One Leads Albany Rally